Our Process

The transaction process is our expertise and our exceptional success rate reflects this. The planning, strategy and preparation behind your transaction are all designed with your objectives in mind and executed by a team with a reputation for getting deals done.


First and foremost, we take the time to understand and value your business as well as your specific situation and considerations. You’ll benefit from a professional evaluation, outlining the realisable transaction alternatives available to you – without cost or obligation. A tailored service offering is proposed if the realisable alternatives are satisfactory.

The Transaction

Once mandated, we take charge of the preparation, analysis and negotiation of your transaction, allowing you to concentrate on the continued success of your business at this critical time. We share in the risk of your transaction with the largest portion of our fees payable only upon a successful closing.

Being well prepared is a fundamental element in any transaction; launching a process prematurely may add undue risk. Our approach ensures that all the elements are in place from the beginning, and allows us to guide your transaction to an uninterrupted closing.

Your transaction is proactively managed every step of the way, ensuring a well prepared deal that inspires confidence and a process that maintains its momentum.


Your objectives are the priority at every stage of the transaction and drive strategic decision making throughout the process. In the course of negotiations, our experience, our respectful approach, and our creativity in the resolution of deal-breakers are all put to work with the goal of achieving the best possible transaction terms for you.


We lead the transaction from beginning to end; representing your interests exclusively in dealing with the various deal professionals (lawyers, accountants, tax specialists, etc.), all the while ensuring diligent control of costs, timelines, and ultimately of the transaction closing.