A different approach

Our Approach

A transaction is about more than just money. For an entrepreneur, a deal process is often as important as it is complex and delicate; and it’s critical that it succeeds in its first attempt. Our understanding of what is at stake for an entrepreneur is the foundation of our approach which maximises value while minimizing the risks of your transaction.

Recognized Expertise

Our firm is recognized throughout the financial community for the quality of our information memorandums, the depth of our understanding of our clients’ businesses, and our professionalism in managing transactions. We leverage this recognition to the benefit of our clients.

Constant Involvement

We commit ourselves personally to every step of a project, from signing the mandate to closing the deal. Thanks to this continuous involvement, our clients benefit from the combined experience of our partners and are assured top-quality execution.

A Higher Level of Confidentiality

Only those professionals involved in the transactions have access to our clients’ files. Because we are a smaller firm, we can guarantee the highest level of confidentiality and discretion.

Independence, in the best interest of our clients

We are a private, independent and discreet firm and our services do not put us in situations of conflict of interest. This means that our clients benefit from unbiased objective advice as we manage the transaction in their best interest.


Your success is at the heart of our work. We take this conviction seriously, sharing in the risk of your transaction with a majority of our fees payable only upon completion. Our mandates are clear, simple, and offer considerable flexibility.